My script Who Am I was featured on Off Meta a few months ago, and is now up on YouTube! Check it out!

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I was just in a meeting at work, and someone was doing a countdown to wrap up announcements. When they said "going twice", I nearly shouted out a nomination 🤦‍♀️

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Haha i was thinking about amnesiac abilities last night as well. I was thinking: on the first night you are shown the player whose character comes first in alphabetical order of the in play characters. Each subsequent night you are shown the player with the next in alphabetical order of the in play characters. Depending on the specifics of the setup I would probably at least sometimes restrict it to good characters

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If you want to see Mastodon at its best, strongly recommend these options:

:android: Android - Use apps Tusky or Fedilab

:apple_inc: iPhone/iPad - Use apps Metatext or Toot!

💻 Computers - Log in through your server's website

Mastodon was designed for websites and third party apps. These are *still* the best ways to use Mastodon!

(Official app exists because new people were only looking for an official app in app stores, and giving up when they didn't find one. You don't need to use it!)

- If there is a conspiracy, then if the player who the conspiracy is against voted "I think there is a conspiracy", then they win and all other players lose, and if they voted "I think there is no conspiracy" then they lose and all other players win. All other votes in that case are just a tool used as part of convincing the one player there's no conspiracy, but have no mechanical purpose.


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At any point any player can lock in a vote of
- I think there is a conspiracy (specifically against me)
- I think there is no conspiracy

Once all players have locked in their vote, the game is over

- If there is no conspiracy, then all players who voted "I think there is no conspiracy" win, and all players who voted "I think there is a conspiracy" lose


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In Conspiracy, either:
- There is no conspiracy,
- There is a conspiracy against exactly one player that all other players are members of.

If you are a member of a conspiracy, you know who the conspiracy is against. Your sole goal is to convince the non-member that there is no conspiracy against them.

Setup is performed such that if you are not told that you are part of a conspiracy, there's exactly 50/50 odds between there being no conspiracy or there being one specifically against you


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Been thinking recently about the social deduction game Conspiracy and I probably will wanna run it at clocktower con.

Here's the rules:

In game 2 my dreams came true when I was given Alch goblin right after a goblin win, then immediately dashed on the ground when I died day 1 to a witch curse

Note: witch was Alch witch and, barber was Bounty Hunter, and noble was evil TF

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Just finished running some S&V. Great times. Good win in the end.

Hi everyone, think it's time for my as well :)

I'm Dae (they/them), and I've been a huge fan of (definitely could say to the point of obsession and have been playing it since before COVID. In fact, I was introduced to it by @JonSimantov our other Admin.

As much as I love playing, I prefer STing quite a bit and love working out niche character interactions.

Another thing I love about BotC is the community, so hoping to bring some here:) :athiest:

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