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My name is Bennie and I reside in Portland, Oregon where I am growing a healthy and diverse community known as PDXBOTC.

Besides , I love , , and . I am also passionate about the and am an enthusiast.

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I wrote an article about as a strategy game.

This was a while ago, but you can still see it as the latest article on the BOTC website at the moment.

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A so-called gender critical activist has been caught on camera quoting Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf in a speech against trans rights at an anti-trans rally in Newcastle .

#terf #transgender #trans

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I am starting a board game club at my local climbing gym, The Ordinary Climbers (, here at the sunny South Coast of England.

The founders, Matt and Ed, want people of all ages get confidence in themselves. The gym works with a number of behavioural schools for example.

The board game club will help strengthen the community. I will donate some of my games. I wonder if you can to do the same. I could pay for postage. Please DM if you can help this great cause.

It’s been one hell of a day! I think I’ve played in a total of 7, maybe 8 online games and have drawn an evil token in 6 of them. I am thrashed. I’ve been playing for 10.5 hours online with a 1 hour break.

I can’t tell y’all how fuzzy my brain feels. I even played my last game as the Baron in a two minion game, where I thought it was just myself and the Imp on the evil team. It wasn’t until the final day that I understood that we had a Spy on our team as well. forever!!

Heya community. I’m running online games throughout the day tomorrow to celebrate my birthday eve. Let me know if you have an interest in playing and I’ll ping you with time slots as soon as I setup the schedule.

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If you have ever played Wingspan, would you mind filling out a short survey about Wingspan & birding for me? I'm interested in responses from both birders and non-birders. Feel free to share. Thanks!

Last night we rung in the first night of Chanukah with Latkes and a 13 player game of featuring the almighty "Al Latkedikhia" (Al Hadikhia).

The Fortune Teller bluffing Latkedikhia survived until the final day and then town finally brought all their info together and executed them.

The latest episode of plays is absolutely insane. is my new opening play.

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How to have a "beach body":

1) You're already 70% water, which is a good start

2) Replace the other 30% with sand

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Boardgame folks: can anyone recommend excellent articles / books / videos where people talk about issues with & experiences of sexism / racism / other related issues of marginalisation when playing tabletop games or roleplaying games? All advice welcome.

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Oh my god, I still can't fathom how stupid NFTs are :amaze:

I can't help but laugh sooo hard at people who are proud of their NFT's lol. You're barking up the wrong digital tree :blobcatgiggle:

Seriously people, please don't fall for it and don't buy some stupid image you can get for FREE :ablobwink:

The internet should be about sharing and not hoarding. If you can copy a car you would right..

Stop hoarding stupid images with a price. SHARE, SHARE, SHARE! :party:

We literally had enough players for two towns! A total of 19 people came out to play yesterday.

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I figured it was time for the instance to have a proper , so behold, here they are! I'd sure love to play in a game with them as Storyteller...

Any suggestions for a name?

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