Submitted some events for , including the Oops All Amnesiacs I ran at last fall (with a few tweaks). Hope it's accepted, I'd love to storytell it for a few different groups there.

It does give the box a little bit of lift with all the other things I have in there, but it's a small price to pay for this storage awesomeness.

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A friend of mine 3D printed me this expansion token holder. I can't even tell you how excited I am.

players: share fun moments with your Storyteller during the game! It’s always fun to hear what things your players are enjoying, and it can really help Storytellers to craft more enjoyable games in the future

I figured it was time for the instance to have a proper , so behold, here they are! I'd sure love to play in a game with them as Storyteller...

Any suggestions for a name?

What would you buy at Clocktower Con if it was sold there?

For me I mostly want tokens. All the tokens! Extra base 3's. Unreleased character tokens. Oops all Amne/Pithag sets. Blank tokens. Dry erasable tokens (if they felt like the others in the bag). Tokens of the character they'll be revealing there.

<Insert Futurama meme here>

New URL for the DIY Grimoire documents:

For those who have enjoyed, and those who have yet to discover, my documents (maintained since 2019) for a print-and-build DIY Grimoire.

I've moved the resources to a new URL. Now using proper HTTPS, so your browser will be happy!

Here's a possibly bad one... Choose a player. They gain a vote token now (if dead) or when they die (if alive).

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Since my usual weekly games are on Thursdays, and this week that's a holiday in the US, I won't get to play in person again until next week. So, to scratch my BotC itch, let's come up with some fun :amnesiac: abilities, or better yet, a themed set of them for another game.

I'm curious if y'all have thoughts around best practices for facilitating online #boardgames over voice chat.

I've been running some online games of Blood on the Clocktower, and with very large groups it can get chaotic with so many players trying to get a word in when suspicions heat up.

Have you storytellers/facilitators/DMs/GMs any thoughts on this challenge? (1/3)


An absolutely fun afternoon playing at our . We opened with and then moved on to a game of that had a doozy of a night with 5 deaths!! Our final game was a custom that is currently in the , . A remarkable afternoon at a remarkable location with remarkable people.

Been thinking recently about the social deduction game Conspiracy and I probably will wanna run it at clocktower con.

Here's the rules:

Welcome, everybody! So glad to see you all here.

If you're new to Mastodon thanks to the Twitter exodus, you may be looking for people you knew from over there.

In that case, I'd recommend trying a tool like Debirdify to help search through your follows or followers there to see if they list Mastodon accounts you can follow.

@JonSimantov I'm ready to play again! I ended up 1) being assigned the spy and having no idea what I as doing (I still don't know) and then when the demon killed themself, being assigned the demon cause it was obvious to the GM that I was *lost* Strategy was beyond me but I did manage to evade suspicion for a long time #needtoimprove @Cavetoad

So I'm diving into my 1st #bloodontheclocktower game tomorrow. I am seriously feeling shy for the 1st time in ages. I'm not used to connecting w/ strangers IRL. That's what the Pre-Covid Era was for! But I'm giving it a try anyway...cause as @Cavetoad says so profoundly, why not? (Plus he's coming right me!)

👆 For all the Mastodon newbies, hope the above post helps clarify how this all works! :fool:

Welcome, new users! We're thrilled to have you here on Clocktower Social.

If you're not sure where to start, we invite you to post an (with the hashtag) about yourself. You can also click the hashtag to see other people's intros, and maybe find some to follow! Follow early, follow often, that's the Mastodon way.

You can also check out the Local timeline to see what other members are posting about, or the Federated timeline if you want more.

:gossip: Let's get to know each other!

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